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EUC focuses on measures for increasing energy efficiency, also offering thermography. The following tool may not only be used by commercial entities but also private citizens, monitoring changes in energy demand, for example checking savings after implementing energy conserving measures ( Energy Saving Hints for your home, energy saving quick wins). Monitoring stands for a process comprising recurrent readings and comparison of data.

Description secure free energy monitoring tool EMON:

Energy monitoring helps discovering increasing energy demand, offering the ability to react in time avoiding financial losses. If you are reading your meters irregularly you have to calculate time differences by your own. The tool implemented as PHP-script helps you out. You only have to define a unique code for each of your meters, so the readings may be connected. The encryption includes this code and your IP-address. Attention the tool checks, if the request comes from the same IP-address, as was used entering the previous data.

How To:

  1. Enter the actual meter value (new reading)

  2. Enter Code for the measuring point (meter)

  3. Click on the Send button

After the second entry a bar diagram is drawing, showing also the average. If you enter only the code, this diagram is shown too. Without the code statistics for the IP-address (undefined) will be shown.

Input form for meter readings (jump to results)

1. Meter Reading:

2. Your selected unique code for the meter: This code is the link between your input and the metering point to be monitored.

Discard part of the IP-Adresse for authentication

Show additional fields

3. and Save

None of your data are visible and may be visible in future to the operator of the internet site or third parties!



Two end-devices being in two different networks like WLAN/WiFi and 3G do have different IP-addresses and are interpreted as different codes were inputted. On the other hand all users in one company network may have the same IP-address, the codes should therefore be agreed on. The problem with compressing browsers adding their own IP has been already solved. Different versions of the tool may be used at the same time, there is only one data base.

Since internet browsers handle data storage differently, after submitting the form, it is a question if the values are transmitted again, if you alter other paramters used for visualisation and submit the form again. If this is the case please delete the meter reading(s).


Usage is free (fair use policy), surpassing the level an IP-address may be blocked if no commercial agreement is reached. Monitoring of water usage is also possible, choose the appropriate unit.

For commercial implementations further services are available.

Sponsors are sought-after to be able implementing POST over HTTPS (SSL).

The tool may be adapted to your needs and run in your Intranet, and applied also for environmental monitoring (copy paper, water demand, comparing meters, distribution of the consumption to meters, dividing reading through base data like square meters of correcting it using heating days etc.). Please ask for an offer, the functions were tested in other projects!

IP-protection was sought-after with the registration A50555/2015.


No liability whatsoever may be exerted for bugs of the tool or malfunctions in the client server communication. Data is encrypted with your own code too, but there might be scenarios where it will be compromised.

Please share it in social fora!

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